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NY Governor Calls Healthcare Professionals from Other States to Come and Help

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called Monday for healthcare employees elsewhere to help the state’s overrun hospitals battle the rapidly spreading coronavirus and made a plea for bipartisanship and collaboration with U.S. President Trump.

NY Governor Calls Healthcare Professionals from Other States to Come and Help

Speaking at a makeshift hospital in Manhattan ready to receive its first sufferers on Monday, Cuomo sought to divert attention from any pressure with Trump, with whom he has tussled in recent days over the distribution of ventilators in inventory.

New York is at the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. Cuomo has called his state the “canary in the coal mine,” predicting the virus would capture other states in similar ways.

Cuomo said 66,497 individuals had tested positive in New York, up around 7,000 from Sunday, and that 1,218 New Yorkers had died from the virus, up from yesterday’s total of 965 deaths.

He called on healthcare experts from across the U.S. to come and help New York’s hospitals cope with the crisis. He promised New York healthcare staff would return the favor to other parts of the nation that might need help later.

The governor urged for unity and bipartisan cooperation in the struggle towards the virus.

Cuomo stated that he took Trump’s comment that he would make a better Democratic candidate than Joe Biden as a compliment; however, he reiterated that he had no ambitions to run for president.

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