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SchoolMouv Collaborates with Molotov to Provide Video Lessons to Kids

Schools have been closed for the past month in France. That’s why French startup Molotov is leveraging its over-the-prime TV service to offer content for children of all ages. In particular, the corporate has collaborated with SchoolMouv, an organization that offers movies, exercises, and more.

SchoolMouv Collaborates with Molotov to Provide Video Lessons to Kids

Dubbed “Molotov for School”, the new part lets users discover videos that can be appropriate for their child. It aggregates all TV content related to training from France 4, Arte, TF1, M6, etc.

Along with that curation effort, users can browse SchoolMouv movies from the app. There are around 1,000 classes that cover all grounds in middle school and high school. SchoolMouv usually charges €30 per 30 days for its service; however, now it has halved its prices.

Molotov is offering SchoolMouv movies for free until May 15. Users can’t access interactive exercises, but they can still view all the firm’s videos for the next month.

Lastly, Molotov also gives a number of documentaries about historical events and science subjects, while many parents spend a lot of time interacting with lecturers to guarantee that their kids stay on track.

Molotov is utilizing this opportunity to report that it now has 10 million registered users. In 2109, when Altice introduced that it would purchase a majority stake in Molotov, the startup had 7 million registered users.

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