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Trump Declares Suspending All Immigration into U.S. to Curb Coronavirus Spread

President Trump declared Monday he’ll suspend all immigration into the U.S. quickly through an executive order in response to the coronavirus crisis and to protect American jobs.

Trump Declares Suspending All Immigration into U.S. to Curb Coronavirus Spread

The move, which the Republican president declared on Twitter, effectively achieves a long-term Trump coverage objective to contain immigration, making use of the health and economic disaster that has swept the country because of the pandemic to do so.

The decision attracted swift condemnation from some Democrats, who accused the president of generating a distraction from what they look at as a slow and faulty response to COVID-19.

Trump stated he was taking steps to protect the U.S. workforce. Millions of Americans are suffering unemployment after companies shed employees amid nationwide lockdowns to cease the contagion.

The White House refused to offer further particulars concerning the reasoning behind the decision, its duration, or its legal foundation.

Immigration is largely halted into the U.S. anyway thanks to border constraints and flight bans put in place as the virus spread throughout the globe.

Trump became the president of the United States in 2016 in part on a promise to contain immigration by building a wall on the U.S. border with Mexico. He and his advisers have spent the first three years of his tenure cracking down on legal as well as illegal entries into the nation. Crowds regularly chant Build the Wall! at Trump’s political rallies, which are now idled due to the virus.

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