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Fight Over Next Coronavirus Bill Begins in House

After passing $3 trillion of coronavirus aid in a rare run of bipartisanship, Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. Congress girded for a new fight over federal assistance to states and local governments battling the deadly outbreak.

Fight Over Next Coronavirus Bill Begins in House

Spurred on by governors and local officers, Democrats have put out the word they want to provide a sizable rescue bundle as a part of a broader invoice – one that would complete at the very least $2 trillion in the coming weeks.

Some Republicans have pushed back hard in opposition to the idea as unreasonably expensive and unwarranted.

Pelosi, the highest U.S. Democrat, added in a news conference that the legislation she is having prepared will probably be prepared soon and that it is going to be “expensive.”

She stated she was not yet sure how much cash the House Democrats’ bill would offer to state and local governments, but stated, “Probably a quantity equivalent to what we’ve achieved for small businesses.”

To date, about $730 billion in aid has been made available to small companies, along with roughly $380 billion as a part of a broader coronavirus step President Trump passed into law earlier Friday.

Leaders of the National Governors Association earlier this month asked Congress for $500 billion in new aid for states and U.S. territories. Pelosi stated she was checking on whether that request has modified.

The Democrats’ agenda has some Republicans seething, with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell telling a conservative talk-radio host Wednesday that he “would certainly be in favor” of letting states enter chapter rather than ship them cash.

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