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About Us

Third Age Media (3rd Age Media) is a financial media group that falls under the TAB banner of companies. We focus on publishing independent, high-quality business news on various platforms, including the internet, radio, newsletters, and through our various events.

The company’s flagship internet brand is Third Age, one among US’ premier online sources of financial news.

We are one of the top hundred financial publications in the country and receives more than 600 000 unique visitors every month and more than 4.3 million page views.

Third Age Media employs a core team of financial journalists with profound knowledge and also sources content from a range of local and international high-profile freelance columnists. We also publish ad hoc opinion pieces from our community experts to provide diverse views and to start a discussion.

We provide essential investment information about listed companies. Many emerging investors prefer our live stock market coverage and make trading decisions, thanks to our experts.