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Alex Rodriquez Trains and Invests in Workout App Fitplan

Former New York Yanks all-star Alex Rodriguez is racking up quite a powerful batting average in his new profession as an investor and has added Fitplan to his series of portfolio companies.

The Los Angeles-based workout app introduced by Landon Hamilton and Cam Speck has closed on $4.5 million led by A-Rod and Corazon Capital and has added new celebrity athlete trainers — along with Rodriguez — to cowl the needs of would-be sports stars and amateurs alike.

The Fitplan workout app costs $15.99 per thirty days, or $83.99 per year, and consists of step-by-step exercise demonstrations and coaching programs tailored to different sports activities. “Within those training packages, we’ve got everything laid out for a member. We’re defining what an exercise plan is from the data we have on over 5 million workouts completed,” founders explain

An average Fitplan member is doing 2.7 workouts per week, and the average exercise time is 58 minutes per form. Most of the firm’s users are in the 18 to 35-year-old vary and skews about 70% women; however, Hamilton says they’re hoping the focused training regimens will assist balance some of the gender disparity among the user base.

For the founders of Fitplan, bringing Rodriguez on board will let them move deeper into the tailored fitness vertical. The two men reached out to Rodriguez in regards to the investment because they noticed him following fitness influencers.

A bit of research into the portfolio of investments Rodriguez had hoarded revealed that he hadn’t made a particular bet on a fitness app yet, so Hamilton reached out to a mutual pal and asked for a meeting.

The founders then spent the next two months in periodic meetings with Rodriguez while the former Yank dug into their app.

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