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In Emails and Calls Argentine Executives Search Jobs Overseas to Escape Crisis

Argentine executives and products shocked by President Mauricio Macri’s drubbing in elections this month have started calling and emailing in packs in search of work in Brazil, Chile and Colombia, head mounts and visa advisers said.

Executive search specialists say the resumes that have deluged their offices in those nations reached a peak after Macri lost ground to a center-left Peronist challenger in the Aug. 11 primary elections, inflicting the peso to fall in value.

Leftist Alberto Fernandez is now the front-runner ahead of an Oct. 27 general election and has mentioned he’ll seek to renegotiate a $57 billion loan International Financial Fund deal followed by Macri amid rising fears of a default.

In neighboring Chile, recruitment agency Randstad said the strain for jobs among Argentines had been developing for months as Argentina`s economy has gabbled, with their rate of applications for posts in Chile rising by 246% between May and August 2019 compared to 2018.

In Argentina itself, corporations helping their countrymen to leave are feeling a boom.

Bernardo Carignano, developer of the visa assistance website “Yo me animo y Vos,” stated he saw visitors to his website increase the week after the first election to the highest degrees since it went online in 2008.

Several Argentine candidates told potential recruiters that Macri, elected in 2015 on a promise to “normalize” Latin America’s third-largest economy, had been their hope for a business turnaround after a years-long cycle of peso weakness and inflation.

Instead, Macri has been blamed for failing to draw enough foreign direct investment while minimizing the inflationary effect caused by cuts to utility grants that Argentines had long taken for granted.

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