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Juul Declares New POS Standards To Restrict Sales To Teenagers

Juul Labs, the e-cigarette giant, partially owned by Altria, today launched a brand new POS age-verification system that it will ask all Juul retailers to comply with by May 2021.

The Retail Access Control Standards program (RACS), raises the standard for age-restricted POS systems, mechanically locking the POS each time a Juul product is scanned until an adult ID is scanned. The system also looks for bulk purchases and locks when the fifth Juul Pod pack is scanned, routinely removing the fifth pack from the shopper’s cart.

Thus far, over 50 retail chains, which represents 40,000 stores, have committed to shifting over to RACS, with 7,000 retailers in the course of switching now and 15,000 to have implemented the know-how by 2019’s end. The deadline for turning over to the RACS system is May 2021, at which level Juul will solely promote its merchandise to RACS-compliant retailers.

The corporate recognizes that overhauling a POS may be expensive and sturdy, and is offering $100 million+ in incentives to retailers that switch over. For retailers with newer POS techniques, the swap might solely require a software program update, whereas others could have to update their hardware.

Now, the system isn’t foolproof. After an ID is scanned, all personal info is mechanically deleted from the system, which signifies that bad actors-unauthorized resellers may amass a bulk quantity of Juul merchandise by visiting various stores or returning the same store several times.

Nevertheless, that is likely only the start for the RACS, which for the first time offers Juul far more control around how their merchandise move via the market, ultimately limiting the chance for Juul products to fall in the hands of minors.

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